MONTI is the company from the Czech Republic, that is focused on monitoring of processes, controlling and automatization of technological units.  Our specialization is mainly the area of petrol stations, petrochemical, power engineering, and small and medium-sized industrial operations.

We develop own hardware device and the control software

  • M Controller – hardware for monitoring and controlling of technological units
  • ULTRA and ULTRA EASY – measuring device of quantity and quality of fuel
  • M Control – software for operations management and cost control, technological systems and processes

We are the exclusive supplier for the Czech and Slovak market

  • LIQUIP – components for warehouses and terminals of fuel
  • LIQUIP – components for fuel tankers

We are experts in the area of


řízení čerpacích stanic Monti

Why choose Monti

správa čerpacích stanic
Years of experience

Trendsetters for 15 years in the development of solutions for management
and control of petrol stations, the same time we work for main companies in the branch of fuel in the Czech Republic.

řešení na míru
Customised solutions

Every customer is our equal partner and we respect his opinion - we do not sell the "solution", but for each customer create it individually.

výhradní dodavatel
Exclusive supplier

We are an established company, as evidenced by the fact that we are sole suppliers of equipment prestigious international companies for Czech and Slovak market.

large networks of petrol stations apply the software M Control
mobile operators use the software M Control for the network management
fuel depots use LIQUIP components
petrol stations utilize the monitoring unit M Controller

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